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Diet, ADHD & Behavior
This report reviews 23 controlled studies of the effect of food dyes and other dietary constituents on the behavior of children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or other behavioral problems.

ADHD and Stuttering: Issues & Strategies for SLPs
2001 ASHA Convention Presentation New Orleans,LA

Hyperactivity is not a Disability
According to the systematic data, one in every ten children in Israel suffers from hyperactivity, concentration problems, low threshold depression and sometimes even aggressiveness and violence.

Bedwetting, bowel problems seen in children with ADHD
Study one of first to focus on link, may provide better treatment option

Attention Deficit Disorder and Learning Disability
Data From the National Health Interview Survey. PDF

Consensus Statement
International Consensus Statement on ADHD January 2002

The Gift of ADHD
ADHD has taught my daughter that nothing comes without working very hard and that you don’t take good friends for granted.

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